Monday, 20 January 2014

Review: Topic 1

I would like everyone to review through the following workings done by your fellow schoolmates. In each case, you are required to state what went wrong and provide a solution.


  1. Has the student answered to the question? If not, what's wrong in the way the answer is presented?
  2. Is the overall working clearly presented to demonstrate the student knows what he/she needs to find? If not, how could the working/ presentation be improved?

Case 1:

Case 2:

Case 3:

Case 4:

Case 5:

Remember to state CASE NUMBER, PROBLEM & SOLUTION for each question here. I will only allow ONE comment from each student.


  1. Case 5
    Problem:the student did not state whether it is a LCM of 8008 or HCF of 8008
    Solution:write down LMC/HCF of 8008=7x11x13x2x2

  2. Case 1
    Problem: The student has just written down all the factors of 8008, when he/she should have stated the prime factors and written the answer in index notation.
    Solution: State the prime factors of 8008 and then write it down in index notation.

  3. Case 2
    Problem:The student wrote 2x2x2x7x11x13=8008 when he/she should have written 8008=2x2x2x7x11x13.
    Solution:Switch the position of the 8008.

  4. Case 3
    Problem: The student did not indicate which is his/her answer, and he/she did not put 'x' in between the two 3s and 5x7.

    Solution: 315= 3x3x5x7 (Indicated and write down the answer properly)