Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Absence: 16 April

Your assignment due on Wednesday will be to complete pages 31 to 33 with the following set of instructions.

Class Work 1 (Tier B)
page 31 - 32
- Question 1: Writing paper
- Question 2: Graph paper
- Question 3: Writing paper
- Question 4: Graph paper

Class Work 2 (Tier C)
page 33
- Question 5: Writing paper

Questions 2 and 4 are to be done on separate pieces of graph papers.
Questions 1, 3 and 5 can be done on pieces of writing papers. 

Yen Zhe will have to collect them and put into my pigeon hole.

As I am not around tomorrow, you will have a 50-minute quiz on Linear Inequalities. You will submit when lesson ends.

You have to complete pages 34 to 36 of your worksheet and submit on Thursday.

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